5 Reasons We Switched To Wistia

When we speak with a company about video, we don’t just talk about production and editing, we always ask about the goals of each video.  We know we won’t be successful long term if our clients aren’t successful with their video content and that’s where Wistia plays an important role. Wistia’s customization capabilities, rich analytics and integrations with many popular sales and marketing applications make it a must-have tool for measuring and improving the ROI of video.

We recently switched from Vimeo to Wistia for all our own video hosting and Wistia is now a platform we’re recommending to our clients. Here are 5 key reasons we made the switch to Wistia:

  1. Rich analytics - It's critical to be able to understand how each video is being viewed. Who is viewing the videos, for how long, when they view them and from which platforms. Wistia offers easy to follow analytics that provide the information we require.
  2. Integrations - Videos are used on our website, in email campaigns, on social channels and in ad programs. Wistia offers integrations with key platforms like MailChimp, SquareSpace, Hubspot, Marketo, LinkedIn, Facebook and their list of integrations seems to be growing regularly. 
  3. Player customization - We need to be able to control the branding of the player to match our own look and feel and have complete control over any social capabilities offered in the player. We also wanted to use the player differently in different cases, sometimes using a pop-up lightbox effect and other times playing right inline on the page. Wistia was very easy to customize and works well across all browsers, desktop and mobile.
  4. Flexible pricing - Wistia offers fair and flexible pricing options. They actually have a free starter package which allowed us to test out the platform and get comfortable with it before making the switch. Other platforms that we looked at, such as Vidyard, required a year commitment and a hefty monthly fee to get started so we had to rely solely on information from their sales reps to get going. With Wistia, we set it up ourselves for free and then upgraded to a pro package once we saw what it could do. Their pricing and platform will scale with our business but without burdensome contracts.  Since we have clients that range from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies, this flexibility is important in our ability to recommend Wistia across the board.
  5. Personality - Wistia's company culture, values and passion for video comes across in both their content and from the people there we've interacted with there. They have a fun MailChimp-like personality in their communications and the staff is approachable, knowledgeable and clearly believes in their mission. They're also a Boston-based company which is an added bonus for us as we love to support other Boston companies. 

We’re excited to be up and running with Wistia. It's great to find a tool that is both helpful to our own business as well as something we can confidently recommend to our clients to help them get the most out of their video content.  Learn more at www.wistia.com

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