We were thrilled to work with Rev. Jeffery Brown to help create a video for his Kickstarter campaign, “The Courage to Listen.” After all video is about storytelling and when you’ve got such a powerful and important story told by someone with the passion and wisdom that Rev. Brown has it makes the creation of videos like these rewarding.  

Rev. Brown was one of the architects of "The Boston Miracle" which marked a dramatic reduction in youth violence and a 29-month period of zero juvenile homicides. He has travelled the country working with cities to help reduce violence and has gathered incredible stories and knowledge.  His Kickstarter campaign is being used to fund the publishing of his book to share these stories and he was able to raise $17,790 on Kickstarter from 145 backers, quickly surpassing his goal of $15,000. 

Kickstarter is an amazing phenomenon bringing together millions of people to fund more than 100,000 projects across all sorts of categories. Since its inception, the crowdfunding platform has had nearly 3 billion dollars pledged from more than 12 million members. But as it gains in popularity, with more and more projects looking for funding, it becomes that much more challenging for projects to get discovered and attract enough funders to meet the campaign’s fundraising goals. Video has proven to be the one of the biggest factors in running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  If you’re going to be successful with crowdfunding you will need a great video to tell you story in a quick and powerful way. Of course, that presents a chicken and egg problem.  If you need a great video in order to raise money, how can you afford to produce that great video until you’ve raised the money you need? With StudioWorks’ shared approach to video production, we can work with you to create a high-quality professional video at a fraction of the traditional cost. If you’re looking to crowdfunding to raise money for your product or cause, let StudioWorks create the video that will help your campaign be successful.